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Admin users are able to create reports in Cortex via the Custom Reporting feature. Reports can be set up to show data from the system and can be saved to run at regular intervals if required. Reports can be easily created and filtered on screen. They can also be exported to.csv files where they can be opened in Excel. 

There are no limitations on the number of Custom Reports you can create on the system.

Creating a Report

To create a report just click on this section of the side menu:



When creating a report you will need to select the Report Type and Filter. The Filter is used to limit the number of users who will appear in the report (providing you have permission).
You can select any pre-saved Filter from the drop down menu.

Give your new report a name and a description (optional) then click 'Save'. 

Reports are grouped into two main categories:



Grouped Reports

Report showing Enrolment data for a specific Course or Module against any pre-saved Filter. 
  • Grouped by User (Course)
  • Grouped by User (Module)
  • Grouped by Course
  • Grouped by Module

View aggregated statistics for the total number of enrolments, waiting and completions.

Itemised Reports

Report showing individual results as line items. Each line item will display dates and statuses for each entry.
Some additional filtering is available including a free text match against a Course, Module or Resource name. Date ranges are available for itemised reports.
  • Itemised (Course)
  • Itemised (Module)
  • Itemised (Resource)
In the results table you have the option to sort and filter columns. user, organisation, resource, date of enrolment, enrolment status, score (if applicable), date completed are all viewable in itemised reports.

Export a Report

Once saved you can view the report on the screen by clicking on the name in the Report listing page, or you are able to export to .csv file and view them in your own spreadsheet editing software.

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