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Courses represent a collection of one or more Modules.


You can enrol on a public Course by clicking on the enrol button (if the Course is currently active). You may also be 'assigned' to a Course via the assignment feature or by an administrator manually enrolling you. If the Course is made up of more than one Module, you will automatically be enrolled onto the other Modules.

Enrolment Status

The colour of the Course avatar (if enrolled) will reflect the status of your enrolment.

Completed - training has been completed
In Progress - completion optional.
In Progress - completion required.
Enrolled - completion required.
Required - completion required.
Cancelled - training has been cancelled.

Canceling an enrolment

You can cancel your enrolment at anytime by clicking the Unenrol (or Un Book in the case of a classroom Course) as long as you were not assigned the Course.

Acquiring Skills

Some Courses will have a Skill displayed on the details page, this indicates that the Course is linked to a Skill. You will also see a Skill level. If you complete a Course that has been linked to a Skill with a pass mark equal or higher than the required pass mark, you will be awarded that Skill. Click on the Skill name to view more details about that Skill.

Acquiring CPD points

Some Courses will be set a CPD value, displayed on the details page. If you complete a Course that has been assigned CPD points, you will be awarded those CPD points.

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