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A core component of Centric is Skill management.
By clicking on a Skill icon you will be taken to the Skills details page where you can find more information about that Skill and including links to the Courses or Modules where you can acquire that Skill.

Acquiring a Skill

Skills are awarded to users when they successfully complete a Course or Module.
Providing the user meets the required criteria that user will be awarded that particular Skill.
In the case of a Module Skill, this will involve obtaining the required pass mark (displayed on the module page).


Certificates can be attached to a Skill which will allow a user to download / print out a Certificate and add to their portfolio. Custom certificates can be configured for each Skill.

Trainer Skill

Skills are also a way of identifying trainers on the system. A user with a valid trainer skill will be visible in the trainer listings.

My Skills

As a User acquires new Skills they can view these via 'My Training' under 'My Skills'.

Expired skills

Skills can be configured to have a lifetime that will cause the Skill to expire after a set period of time.
If a lifetime has been defined, the User Skill (when acquired) will display a 'Valid until' date or 'Expired on' date instead of the 'Acquired' date label.
Expired User Skills are displayed in grey (see below).



You can define a collection of skills as a Compliance Set which can then be used to manage your staffing Skill requirements.

Filters / Reporting

Skills are available to be used in creating Filters and Reporting.

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