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Events are created in a number of ways. Personal events will reside in the users calendar where as classroom events will reside in the module or course calendar.


Private events

You can set an event to Private so only the attendees can see the event in their calendar. Private events are indicated by the private flag



To book yourself onto an event, click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button under the events area:


You will then be presented with the popup below, choose your desired date from the dropdown list available:






Once your required date is selected, click ‘BOOK’.

You should receive an email confirmation of your booking.


You can also click on the date of a specific event to see more details of that occurrence.





Event Overview

On the event overview page, you will see the following:

Module Name

Module description,
date and times


Details of classroom


Module Type

Displays the module type and name



















List of Attendees

Who will be attending the classroom training session

QR Code

Can be scanned to generate a calendar item that you can save



Click ‘ATTEND’ to update your attendance status and receive a confirmation email with the option to add the event to your calendar.







Click on the name of the Venue to show you further details including the address and a map.




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