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Venue / Locations


A venue may contain one or more locations. Venues are generally used to manage locations and can be created by any user with administrator role. There are no limitations on the number of venues or the number of locations a Venue can contain.


Add contact information for the Venue by adding a Contact via the settings page..


Add downloadable documentation (assets) for end users in the form of attachments via the settings page.These attachments are accessible by anyone who visits the Venue details page.

Creating a Location

Locations are geographical locations that must be linked to a Venue. For this reason Locations are created from the Venue settings page. Locations can only be created by any user with administrator role and contain the following settings: name, description, address, capacity and status.

Location status

If a location is unavailable, you will not be able to select it when creating or editing events.

Available location.
Unavailable location.
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