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Appraisal - PDP (appraiser)


View your appraisee’s PDP

  • You can view your appraisee’s PDP at any time during their appraisal period. On your homepage click on Connections> Name of appraisee
  • Next to Personal development plan click on View found in the Current Appraisal
  • You will see then see a list of PDPs associated with each appraisal
  • If this is the appraisee’s first appraisal on HeART you will only see onePDP. If not, there will be more than one PDP listed
  • Click on PDP in the Open status to view the current PDP – this displays development agreed at the previous appraisal and any that the appraisee has suggested for the upcoming year.

Before the appraisal meeting

  • Your appraisee will submit their input form in preparation for the appraisal meeting
  • The form will contain development needs agreed at the previous appraisal. Once you have reviewed all the information accept the form

During the appraisal meeting

  • After accepting the input form you will automatically be redirected to the PDP



After the appraisal meeting

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