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Appraisal - meeting checklist


Before the meeting:

  • Are your personal details up to date?
  • Have you added your qualifications?
  • Have you added evidence and assigned it to the appropriate appraisal?
  • Have you associated each item of evidence with an appropriate competency option?
  • Have you included at least one evidence item for each competency option?
  • Have you added a reflection to each evidence item or marked as ‘N/A’?
  • Have you added any special circumstances that your appraiser should be aware of e.g. sick leave?
  • Have you added suggested/interim development needs?
  • Do you need to add any personal objectives?
  • Have you chosen an appraiser?
  • Do you need a secondary appraiser? If so, have you chosen one?
  • Have you set your meeting date?
  • Have you completed your input form and sent it to your appraiser?

After the meeting:

  • Have you received an appraisal output form from your appraiser?
  • Have you approved the appraisal output form sent to you by your appraiser?
  • Have you completed the feedback questionnaire?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, congratulations, your appraisal is complete!

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