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Appraisal - overview


Creating an appraisal

When you first sign-in to the system * you will be asked to enter / confirm the date of your most recent appraisal meeting. Once you have completed this action the system will create two new appraisals for you. One open appraisal that represents your current appraisal and one historical appraisal that represents your last appraisal. The system will also set both the appraisal anniversary and the start date of the open appraisal.

* Your system administrator may have added these appraisals on your behalf so in this case you will not be prompted for this information.

An appraisal may be linked to an appraisal cycle – your system administrator can do this on your behalf.

The appraisal life-cycle


Your appraisal starts out as an open appraisal. From here you can:

  • Assign evidence
  • Book an appraisal meeting
  • Submit appraisal input form

Until you submit your appraisal input form to your appraiser, the current appraisal remains open.

Under review

Once you have submitted your input form the appraisal is locked and marked as under review. An appraisal will also be under review if the appraiser has raised a concern to the Head of appraisals. Once the escalation has been resolved, the appraisal will be reopened.

Following your meeting, your appraiser will send you an appraisal output form – once you accept this and complete the appraisal feedback questionnaire, this appraisal is closed.


Once an appraisal has been closed, a new appraisal for the next appraisal period will be created and set to open.


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