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Annual Organisational Audit (AOA)


The AOA is designed to assist NHS England regional teams to assure the appropriate higher level responsible officers that designated bodies have a robust consistent approach to revalidation in place, through assessment of their organisational system and processes in place for undertaking medical revalidation. 

Appraisal report

Only doctors with whom the designated body has a prescribed connection and has been associated to a AOA category with an appraisal meeting date that falls inside the reporting period will be included in this report.

Mapping organisation grades to AOA categories

Organisation grades are configured as part of your initial implementation however they may not have been mapped to a corresponding AOA categoryPrior to running the AOA appraisal report, make sure your organisation grades have been mapped to the relevant AOA category by following "Admin > ePortfolio > Organisation > Grades". From here you will see a list of all your organisation grades that have been set up on your system and any AOA categories they may be mapped to. You can edit any grade by clicking the edit button.

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